Actions and Recommendations

The conference culminated in a series of actions and recommendations for closing the gap between research and practice including

  1. Develop tools and provide professional learning opportunities for pre-service and in-service teachers, leaders, and higher education faculty to raise awareness and promote use of research-based instructional practices.
  2. Redesign instructional materials so they apply research based principles, including worked examples, spacing, formative assessment, visual mapping and are aligned to learning progressions.
  3. Engage in future research that gathers more information about the use and impact of cognitive principles and redesigned instructional materials.
  4. Leverage technology to implement complex cognition principles into student learning opportunities.
  5. Increase access to and use of existing cognitive research knowledge.
  6. Develop and use effective and informative assessments of learning.
  7. Establish Teacher-Researcher Partnerships that engage in collaborative research on the application of cognitive research principles in the classroom.

The full set of recommendations is available here: PDF